October 29, 2020

The Quirky Gift Magazine

Make picking up your pet’s poop “somewhat” entertaining with the animal theme shit bags. The lovely smell of lavender helps mask the vile smell of fresh dog shit. The best part about these turd bags, 5% of each sale goes to ocean clean up.
Conquer those crazy pre-birth cravings with the pregnancy cookbook. Cook up some of the weirdest, yuckiest, pregnant wife pleasing treats ever invented. Recipes including “Broghurt”, “chocolate bacon” and “bananaroni”.
Origami just became a compulsory part of Jedi training! create some of the most iconic shapes in the Star Wars saga. Using the force and a little patience, you’ll create some of the coolest origami shapes ever. The book features 36 finger busting designs, enough to keep even the craziest Star Wars fan content. At least until another film drops!
The coolest can holder ever! Geek up your drink of choice using the nostalgic plumber warp pipe. Every Mario fan needs one of these. Insulated so your drink can stay cool while you get lost in your Bowser smashing session.
This Boeing 727 Hotel Room has to be one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. The 727 was salvaged from its San Jose resting place and transported to the jungles of Manuel Antonio. The air liner was resurrected into a beautiful and brilliant hotel perched on a 50ft pedestal. A perfect view of the surrounding ocean and jungle, this stay will live long in the memory.
Take a quick shot of your favourite spirit straight from the dark knight’s head! The Batman decanter is the perfect gift for a comic book lover’s liquor cabinet. Enjoy a little dark knight cap after a long day fighting crime. Holding 750ml of your best liquor. Sit back, relax and get merry with everyones favourite detective.