May 25, 2020

10 Gifts For Food Lovers!

10 Gifts For Food Lovers

Give the gift of food! They say the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. So we’ve made finding that perfect gift a little easier. Some of the craziest and coolest food and cooking products are lurking around the web, and we’ve found them! Take a look at 10 of our favourite gifts for food lovers.

Start your day on a high with ganjam spreadable cannabis. Containing real hemp seed oil from the cannabis sativa plant. Don’t worry you won’t actually get high as it contains no THC. Instead it will leave you feeling fresh and lively due to hemp seeds being HIGHLY (no pun intended) nutritious. So you won’t be whacked out from your morning toast but Instead it will actually have the adverse affect of a fat spliff, but all hemp is good hemp right. This would make the perfect gift for food lovers who get the munchies.

Cook A big fat fry up the easy way, chuck all the artery clogging ingredients you want on your brekkie into the pan and fry it up in one go, less hassle less time and less washing up. Now that his how we men like it, fast and easy! The perfect gift for that lazy man in your life.

Think your tongue and rear end are up to the ultimate hot sauce challenge? well give it a go. From ‘candy ass mild’ to ‘kick yo ass hot” see if you and your chilli head friends can conquer the burn. Make sure emergency cold water and fresh loo roll is on chill in the fridge, trust us you will need it! 

Pound your juicy rump into submission with the Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderiser. Those 24oz slabs of meat stand no chance when you have the power of mighty Thanos in your kitchen utensil armoury. Make beating the meat even more enjoyable.The ideal gift for any marvel geek’s kitchen.

Love peanut butter? Hate trying to clean it from the knife after? problem solved, the peanut butter pump is a kitchen essential for all the nut loving people out there, no need to thank us for this one! Skip the bread and go straight for the gob! get that quick calorie fix instantly.

Are you a zombie in the morning? Death wish coffee is strong enough to wake the dead. With it’s rich and full taste even the most hardened caffeine addict will appreciate the power this coffee possesses. If you want to stay up for a week straight and feel like your heart is going to explode this is the coffee for you. Be advised 1 scoop is all you need. If your looking for a gift that a coffee junkie will love  then you’ve found it.

What can we say? you either love it or hate it, and we love it! Have you ever been watching a film, eating popcorn and “Ding” (lightbulb moment) you come up with the great idea of dipping your popcorn into a jar of Marmite? Well, the guys down at Joe & Seph’s turned that into a reality. These yeasty treats are crunchy caramel flavoured popcorn, coated with a Marmite glaze. Don’t judge before you try, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Pizza shaped like ice cream? possibly the greatest idea mankind has ever had. Stuff all your favourite toppings into a calorific, heart stopping, cone shaped piece of heaven. With easy to follow instructions and non-stick coating, it’s super quick to make so you can clog your arteries in no time.

Make Breakfast time fun with the help from a little one eyed monster. Shape your toast and plant a big yokey eye right in the middle. Your little “ogres” will look forward to a healthy, hearty breakfast when it becomes a fun game of monster making. 

Take Your chocolate addiction, add it to your alcohol addiction and what have you got? Well apart from a lot of health problems and high blood pressure! you would probably love an all in one replacement. Beer chocolate is the answer, with a slight kick of Irish stout, a Belgium milk chocolate body and a scrumptious white chocolate head, it’s sure to get every beer drinking, choco loving monster licking their lips.

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