July 12, 2020

12 Gifts For The Geeky Gamer

1. Donkey Kong Mug

Straight from kongo bongo, bring a little nostalgia back from everyone’s favourite 90’s game. Stop monkeying around and take a cuppa break with the bongo barrel mug, perfect for the retro gamer in you.

2. Super Mario Chomp Chain Lamp

This awesome desk lamp is perfect for any Mario fan. Made to perfectly resemble a chomp chain, it brings the Mario franchise to life on your desk. Swivel the lamp to focus the beam exactly where needed and really enlighten your work space.

3. Gamer Bath Bomb

Take your gaming from the couch to the bath with a gamer bath bomb. Go from being the typical stench ridden gamer, to a citrus smelling gaming god. Drop the gamepad shaped bath bomb into a warm tub of water and “BANG”, beautiful rainbow colours. No excuses pause the game for a while and scrub up!

4. Snes Cartridge Coasters

Add a little nostalgia to your gaming den with the SNES cartridge coasters. Styled on the classic shape of the mighty Nintendo Snes gaming cartridges. Each coaster features an 80’s gaming favourite, with titles like, Mario, Zelda and Super Metroid. The Snes cartridge coasters make a perfect gift for any old school gamer.

5. LED Game Pad Light

Light up your gaming den with a personalised LED light. With various colours and standing at 14cm tall it’s the perfect addition to your gaming setup. Powered by batteries or USB and even comes with a remote for changing colours to suit your mood.

6. X-Rocker Gaming Chair

Taking gaming to the next level with the X-Rocker gaming chair. This is the ultimate in gaming comfort and performance. Featuring built in 4.1 stereo surround and led lights. Bluetooth functionality for consoles and PC. Listen as those gun shots ring out as you blast your way to Call of Duty greatness from your throne.

7. Gaming Glasses

Don’t let eye strain ruin your gaming session, With these gaming glasses, the blue light emitted from TV screens during marathon gaming sessions is reduced. Stopping irritation, soreness and dry eyes. Meaning you can game until your hearts content, or someone scores a lucky 90th minute winner and you smash the controller up!

8. Super Mario Can Holder

The coolest can holder ever! Geek up your drink of choice using the nostalgic plumber warp pipe. Every Mario fan needs one of these. Insulated so your drink can stay cool while you get lost in your Bowser smashing session.

9. The Game Console Book

Take a trip down memory lane with the game console history book. Delve deep into the world of gaming with in depth details about each console. From the Magnavox Odyssey to the newer Gen consoles of today.

10. Fortnite Monopoly

Add a little twist to everyone’s favourite board game. Play as some of your favourite characters from the hit game and blast your way around the board. It’s no longer about buying property and getting rich. Be the last man standing by defeating the other players in battle. Jump out of the battle bus to start play and fight your way to monopoly glory.!

11. Fallout Cookbook

Cook up some nuclear dishes with some help from the fallout vault dweller’s cookbook. Serve up some tender deathclaw meat marinated with Nuka Cola BBQ sauce or Blacmco Mac and cheese. Whip up some lovely baked “Pork N Beans” All to be washed down with a refreshing Nuka Cola.

12. Playstation Alarm Clock

Wake up every morning in true gamer fashion with a little help from your playstation alarm clock. Styled to look exactly like a PS4 controller, with an LED backlit screen and classic alarm “beeping” sounds. Perfect gift for any gaming lover who can’t get up in the morning.

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