October 1, 2020

14 Of The Best Gifts Under £20

14 Of The Best Gifts Under £20

Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who has everything? No problem we got you covered. Check out our 14 Best gifts under £20. 

Have you ever been colouring something in and thought “damn if only I had alcoholic piss colour”. The offensive crayons come in a variety of colours. Travel Ban Brown, Insufferable Vegan Green, also ‘Your Parents’ Divorce Was Your Fault Peach. This is the perfect gift for anyone who has an artistic side and won’t get offended!

Now You can Mix 3 of your worst habits all at once. Puff your tobie while sipping on your whiskey with the cigar holding glass. Smoke, drink and play hold em, all at the same time, proper macho multi tasking. Perfect gift for the avid gambler and pisshead.

Dodge the rain like a real Jedi night with this ultra cool LED lightsaber umbrella. Coming in a variety of colours it’s great for any geeky Star Wars fans, may the force be with you on those rainy days out. No longer is it scary to be walking in the rain at night, with the power of a lightsaber in your hand.

Give the gift of nothing to the person who has everything. Why waste money buying crap they don’t need or want, it makes much more sense to give them the gift of nothing. Guaranteed to get you a funny look upon opening.

Sleep next to one of Hollywood’s all time greats on a nightly basis with the Nicolas Cage pillow case. With a sexual glint in his eye, muscles from his golden days and enough chest hair to make him all the more masculine. You’ll sleep snug cuddled up to Mr Cage, as soon as your head hits the pillow you’ll be gone in 60 seconds.

Do you know someone who makes a real shit cup of tea? well this is the perfect gift for them. Give them a little hint without being too rude. Make a huge toilet size brew but without the floaters, or with depends what your in too I guess.

There is nothing worse than finishing the “deed” and having nothing to clean up with. now doing the quick pullout to avoid multiplying the family isn’t a messy affair. The wanky wipe is what you need to help you get through those frustrating and embarrassing moments. Perfect for keeping in the top draw and whipping out at the moment of euphoria! But we advise you wash it before chucking it back in the draw for next time. The wanky wipe makes a great alternative too wiping it on the curtains!

Colour between the lines you fucking idiot sandwich! now you can relive some of Gordon Ramsay’s most famous quotes. With the Gordon Ramsay colouring book. Now it goes without saying, this is an adult colouring book due to the Ramsay style foul mouthed insults.

Get the ultimate chill straight from the dark side. Inspired to look like the imperial Death Star these molds will add a little force to your whiskey. If you like a frozen treat, use the molds to create little Death Star ice cream balls. Made from food safe silicone, they are also oven and dishwasher safe.

Take Your chocolate addiction, add it to your alcohol addiction and what have you got? Well apart from a lot of health problems and high blood pressure! you would love an all in one replacement. Beer chocolate is the answer, with a slight kick of Irish stout, a Belgium milk chocolate body and a scrumptious white chocolate head. It’s sure to get every beer drinking, choco loving monster licking their lips.

11. Game Boy Colour Watch - £19.99

gifts for gamers

Bring back some real childhood memories whenever you check the time. Made with the exact detail of the original 90’s hit handheld games console. The bleeps and monotone sound make it feel like your playing Pokemon red again. This retro timepiece is a real must for every 90’s gaming fan.

Make America smell great again! bring the smell of the greatest president of all time to your home. combined with all the classiest smells a billionaire playboy president could smell like. Sporting a luscious gold mane of hair for added Trumpness. This is the greatest candle in history of candles! Perfect gift for a trump fan.

Use some wizardry to turn that muggle face into spellbinding beauty. With 5 fancy brushes you can go from 0 to beautiful with the flick of your wrist. Inspired by the enchanting film series Harry Potter. They are a perfect gift for any Harry lovers make up draw.

Does what it says on to bottle! do you think your good with hot and spicy condiments? well then you haven’t tried the ass blaster. Made from the hottest Habanero peppers and with a couple “extra” little herbs added. We advice you to keep plenty of water to hand and a toilet roll In the fridge! Perfect gift for a trump supporter

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