October 1, 2020

About Us

What have I just bought is a magazine like website born from boredom, we wanted to create a website to showcase all the fun, crazy and just downright strange things you can buy from the internet.

We do not stock any items you see on our site, we simply just showcase products from all over the web and link to them directly, making it easy for our viewers to find the craziest things possible. A majority of our links our affiliated and means if you purchase anything after clicking from our website we may receive a small commission, but we advertise the product based on if it makes us laugh or think what the hell is that! So not all items offer a commission, but we just want to create a website full of outrageous items, regardless.

If you have a product, you have created and would like us to add it to our site as long as it fits in with the theme of what we have (funny, weird, crazy, stupid) or just plain unique, then please contact us using the form provided. 

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