July 12, 2020

101 Places To Get Fucked Up Before You Die

If your bucket list involves travelling the world partying and getting fucked up then you need this book. A unique guide to all the best locations perfect for getting wrecked and making some crazy memories. Featuring destinations you’ve never heard of or even imagined could be a frantic party scene. If your traveling alone or in a group its guaranteed to be the greatest, craziest, alcohol fuelled trip ever!

Batman Thumb Ring Book Holder

Let the dark knight give you hand (thumb) to hold your book open while you sit back, relax and read with the Batman thumb ring book holder. Handmade to sit snuggly in any size book, it helps keep your favourite novels in tip top condition and keeps the stress away from your fingers, no more aching hands after 20 minutes of reading, Thank you Batman You saved the night again!

beautiful poetry of donald trump

There is a lot more to president Trump than you might realise. Not only is he the best thing to happen to America (sarcasm intended) but he is one of the greatest poets of our time. This book is made from all of Trumps greatest Tweets and speeches, cut and mashed up to give readers an insight into the great man’s innermost thoughts.

but… your a horse

From internet mischief-maker David Bussell comes, But… You’re a Horse, a collection of pranks, anecdotes and gags that have nothing whatsoever to do with the cover of the book containing them.

Cat vs Trump Book

Yes we’ve found a book that shows just how intelligent your cat really is…. compared to the mighty trump anyway.

compare your pussy to the much loved president and see if your furry feline friend has what it takes to make America great again!


Die Hard Christmas Gift Set

Nothing says Christmas like a gift set based on the greatest festive movie ever. With a shirtless, shot up and bandaged John Mclane soft toy and the book to match its perfect for any Die Hard fan. Yippee kay ay.

Faking It Book

Learn how to be seen as a better person without actually improving anything about yourself. This book teaches you the ways of faking it and be seen as a winner, even if you are a total looser in real life.

Fifty Shades Of Bacon Cookbook

Cook up a real erotic and sexual meal using the fifty shades of bacon cookbook. Each page is packed with ball tingling, lip soaking recipes guaranteed to tickle your fancy. The fifty shades of bacon cookbook is perfect for the meat loving, bacon scoffing deviant in your life.

Geek’s guide to dating

Do you struggle finding romance sat in your gaming chair 18 hours a day? or is there a certain geeky babe you’ve got your eye on but just not sure on the right words to say? then bingo your single mundane life is over! just read this book and you’ll become the king/queen of the geeky dating world. Trust us there will be love pixels flying everywhere!

Go The Fuck To Sleep Book

Go the fuck to sleep book is made for all those parents who are too tired and just want the damn kids to SLEEP! We have all had it; the kids are hyped up; we are knackered, kids won’t go to sleep, all we say is please pleaseeee go to sleep already. So if you need a little help to get the darlings to rest at night break out the Go The Fuck To Sleep book.

Gordon Ramsay Colouring Book

Colour between the lines you fucking idiot sandwich! now you can relive some of Gordon Ramsay’s most famous quotes with the Gordon Ramsay colouring book. Now it goes without saying, this is an adult colouring book due to the Ramsay style foul mouthed insults.

herb cook book

Munchies? no problem cook up more then just a few brownies, with this cook book you will learn to cook up some of the best hash dishes you could ever think off.

how to live with a huge penis

I wrote this book…… na only kidding but have you ever wondered if a giant genitalia is a blessing or a curse? well this book will open your eye to a whole new way of dealing with what the good lord gave ya.

How To Traumatise Your Children Book

Really want to get the most out of your time as a parent? then this book will give you all the tips you need to create that perfect  little monster, or just screw them up completely so there life is a train wreck that they only have you to thank for! sound good? don’t worry we won’t call child line!

Images You Should Not Masturbate To

Been a while since you last got some nookie? struggling to control those awkward boners? if so then this book is exactly what you need. Stop your testosterone in its tracks simply by looking at some of the images in this book you will feel that overwhelming urge drop towards the floor literally! Images you should not masturbate to is exactly what is says on the cover!

Kama Pootra Meditation Book

Reach a new state of enlightenment every time you drop a stinky long. Train yourself in the ways of Kama pootra with the use of this quirky take on meditation.  Each page reveals a new and exciting way you can do the “deed” with positions and angles you never thought possible.