May 25, 2020

Microwave Cooking For One Book

Are you a sad, lonely individual who can’t cook for shit and has to rely on microwave meals for dinner? Thought so, with over 200 delicious meals ready in only a few minutes your sure to be eating like a king, with only a microwave to keep happy the ear ache is non existent! The microwave cooking book for one is genius.

Shit’s Fucked Book

When life is getting you down and you feel like it’s all but fucked then you need to have a little read through this self help positivity guide, packed with little quotes and reminders we need to keep us on the straight and narrow no matter how fucked things get you can always make it worse, I mean better… yeah just read this book!

Snoop Dogg’s CookBook

Coz you ain’t got that snoop doggy dog style, not in the kitchen anyway. Learn how to cook up a rap-tastic feast with Snoop Dogg’s cookbook. The legend himself will teach you how to make some of his favourite dishes from chicken and waffles, Mac and cheese, tacos and even billionaires bacon. Become a real OG in the kitchen and cook up some gangsta dishes as you crank out some old school chronic tunes, dahda dahda daaaa it’s the one and only d-o-gg.

Star Wars Yoda Bookend

Use the power of the force to keep your books in order with the Star Wars Yoda bookend. Designed to form the illusion Yoda is keeping your library collection at bay with his Jedi powers. Made from sturdy heavy-duty metal with a unique shine to make it practical yet stylish.

The Harry Potter Cookbook

Cook up a spellbinding feast with the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook. From good old bangers and mash to Hagrids rock cakes. This wizarding cookbook will have you inspired to cook up a whole cauldron full of magic dishes.

You are a badass book

Say it with me, “you are a badass” now that felt good right? thought so. life’s too short to put yourself down or worry about insignificant things life throws at us so to help your realise your true potential this book is all you need to get you back on track to greatness and live an epic life. This book contains the odd swear word hear and there but hey what’s a life with no swearing “shit” that’s what!