October 1, 2020

Death Wish Coffee

Are you a zombie in the morning? Death wish coffee is strong enough to wake the dead. With it’s rich and full taste even the most hardened caffeine addict will appreciate the power this coffee possesses. If you want to stay up for a week straight and feel like your heart is going to explode this is the coffee for you. Be advised 1 scoop is all you need. If your looking for a gift that a coffee junkie will love  then you’ve found it.

Fifty Shades Of Bacon Cookbook

Cook up a real erotic and sexual meal using the fifty shades of bacon cookbook. Each page is packed with ball tingling, lip soaking recipes guaranteed to tickle your fancy. The fifty shades of bacon cookbook is perfect for the meat loving, bacon scoffing deviant in your life.

Ganjam Spreadable Cannabis

Start your day on a high with ganjam spreadable cannabis. Containing real hemp seed oil from the cannabis sativa plant. Don’t worry you won’t actually get high as it contains no THC. Instead it will leave you feeling fresh and lively due to hemp seeds being HIGHLY (no pun intended) nutritious. So you won’t be whacked out from your morning toast but Instead it will actually have the adverse affect of a fat spliff, but all hemp is good hemp right.

Giant Toblerone Chocolate Bar

Hit that sweet tooth with a giant Toblerone! The huge 4.5kg bar of Swiss chocolatey goodness is rammed with scrumptious almond, nougat and honey, the classic combo for the ever popular Toblerone. If your a chocolate lover who’s not bothered about diabetes or tooth decay, this giant Toblerone is made for you. Indulge in a sugar infested coma!

Gun Shaped Egg Fryer

Cook up a high calibre brekkie with the gun shaped egg fryer. Do you have to cook breakfast for a bunch of outlaws each morning? if so these are perfect for the cowboys and rebels at your breakfast table.

Hairbrush Flask

The ultimate prop to sneak your liquor into any club, festival, restaurant or parents evening! cleverly designed in the shape of a hairbrush you’ll be able to fool any security trying to put a downer on your boozing. Get yourself a hairbrush flask and never pay those extortionate festival prices again.

herb cook book

Munchies? no problem cook up more then just a few brownies, with this cook book you will learn to cook up some of the best hash dishes you could ever think off.

hide a beer can cover

Get past those pesky security guards with all your beers in possession using a nifty little beer can cover, simply slide the cover over your hoppy beverage and it will look just as though your sipping away at a nice can of Coca Cola. Perfect for a little tipple on the school run or at work.

hot chocolate bombes

Powdered hot chocolate is so old school, just drop a bomb into your hot milk and BOOM you’ve got a chocolatey taste sensation. Filled with little tasty marshmallow pillows it makes the perfect hot chocolate every time. NOT SUITABLE FOR THE BATH!!!

hot dog toaster

The ultimate snack machine, toast your hot dogs and buns at the same time to create a mouthwatering meaty treat with minimum effort and maximum taste.

hot sauce challenge pack

Think your tongue and rear end are up to the ultimate hot sauce challenge? well give it a go, from ‘candy ass mild’ to ‘kick yo ass hot” see if you and your chilli head friends can conquer the burn.

Hulk Spoon

You won’t like me when I’m hangryyyyyy! the perfect spoon for the hulk in your life who gets angry when they need feeding (my wife). Handmade and laser engraved this spoon will make a great addition to any marvel fans cutlery draw.

Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderiser

Pound your juicy rump into submission with the Infinity Gauntlet Meat Tenderiser. Those 24oz slabs of meat stand no chance when you have the power of mighty Thanos in your kitchen utensil armoury. Make beating the meat even more enjoyable. Perfect for any marvel geek’s kitchen.

Jagermeister Cold Brew Coffee

Wether your on a night out or recovering from the night before, Jagermeister cold brew coffee will give you the kick up the arse you need. Classic flavour Jagermeister blended with arabica coffee and a subtle hint of cacao, will really awaken the tastebuds and heighten your senses.

Lazy Man Frying Pan

Cook A big fat fry up the easy way, chuck all the artery clogging ingredients you want on your brekkie into the pan and fry it up in one go, less hassle less time and less washing up. Now that his how we men like it, fast and easy!

lightsaber chopsticks

You’ll need Jedi like skills to master the art of eating with lightsaber chopsticks or you may just slice right through your kitchen table. Be the envy of every Star Wars fanatic at dinner time when you whip out these bad boys.