October 1, 2020

Log Liquor Dispenser

Add a little forestry to your bar with the handmade log liquor dispenser. Made from Ohio hardwoods and hand crafted to give you a cool and unique way to dispense your finest spirits. The liquor is contained in a beverage safe tubing and dispensed through a lead free brass spout.

Marmite Popcorn

What can we say? you either love it or hate it, and we love it! Have you ever been watching a film, eating popcorn and “Ding” (lightbulb moment) you come up with the great idea of dipping your popcorn into a jar of Marmite? Well, the guys down at Joe & Seph’s turned that into a reality. These yeasty treats are crunchy caramel flavoured popcorn, coated with a Marmite glaze. Don’t judge before you try, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Microwave Cooking For One Book

Are you a sad, lonely individual who can’t cook for shit and has to rely on microwave meals for dinner? Thought so, with over 200 delicious meals ready in only a few minutes your sure to be eating like a king, with only a microwave to keep happy the ear ache is non existent! The microwave cooking book for one is genius.

Peanut Butter Pump

Love peanut butter? Hate trying to clean it from the knife after? problem solved, the peanut butter pump is a kitchen essential for all the nut loving people out there, no need to thank us for this one! Skip the bread and go straight for the gob! get that quick calorie fix instantly.

Personalised BBQ Branding Iron

Claim your giant T-bone steak by scorching your name into it with the personalised BBQ branding iron. Made just like the classic cowboy style, simply pick your message and brand your slab of meat with any words or phrases you see fit for the occasion, like f*ck off that’s my piece of rump! or just your name if that’s a bit to full on.

Personalised Playstation Tankard

This gametastic tankard is perfect for any boozie gamer. The personalised playstation tankard is handmade to perfection. Crafted from natural tree oak, stainless steel and a copper name plate.

Pregnancy cookbook

Conquer those crazy pre-birth cravings with the pregnancy cookbook. Cook up some of the weirdest, yuckiest, pregnant wife pleasing treats ever invented. Recipes including “Broghurt”, “chocolate bacon” and “bananaroni”.

SNES Cartridge Coasters

Add a little nostalgia to your gaming den with the SNES cartridge coasters. Styled on the classic shape of the mighty Nintendo Snes gaming cartridges. Each coaster features an 80’s gaming favourite, with titles like, Mario, Zelda and Super Metroid. The Snes cartridge coasters make a perfect gift for any old school gamer.

Snoop Dogg’s CookBook

Coz you ain’t got that snoop doggy dog style, not in the kitchen anyway. Learn how to cook up a rap-tastic feast with Snoop Dogg’s cookbook. The legend himself will teach you how to make some of his favourite dishes from chicken and waffles, Mac and cheese, tacos and even billionaires bacon. Become a real OG in the kitchen and cook up some gangsta dishes as you crank out some old school chronic tunes, dahda dahda daaaa it’s the one and only d-o-gg.

Star Wars Rolling Pin

Roll your dough like a Jedi with a handmade Star Wars rolling pin. Leave the shape of some your favourite Star Wars characters in your cookies, bread or other baked goods. Handmade and engraved using a high tech laser to get the greatest attention to detail. Perfect gift for that geeky sci-fi foodie.

Stormtrooper Beer

Put that pale ale weak shit your drinking down and grab a bottle of stormtrooper beer. Brewed in a galaxy far, far away by the imperial army and sent to earth to get you smashed. Choose between the hoppy, citrus infused Galactic Pale Ale or Lightspeed Pilsner, a classic lager with a twist of grass and malt. It’s that tasty even Yoda approves.

Super Mario Can Holder​

The coolest can holder ever! Geek up your drink of choice using the nostalgic plumber warp pipe. Every Mario fan needs one of these. Insulated so your drink can stay cool while you get lost in your Bowser smashing session.

The Harry Potter Cookbook

Cook up a spellbinding feast with the unofficial Harry Potter cookbook. From good old bangers and mash to Hagrids rock cakes. This wizarding cookbook will have you inspired to cook up a whole cauldron full of magic dishes.

the reason you drink

Do you feel sorry for your Childs teacher because you know how much of a pain they are? then we have found the perfect gift to help get them through the ordeal of trying to educate your cute little devil child, the spawn of satan himself!

Thor Hammer Shaped Water Bottle

Flex your god like muscles when you sip from the Thor Hammer water bottle. Made to resemble the mighty Mjolnir hammer, its the perfect gift for any marvel fan. With a giant capacity of 1.7L you’ll never have to go parched, no god of thunder should be dehydrated!

Titanic Ice Cube Mould

Add a little decoration to your whiskey on the rocks, with the titanic ice cube mould. Relive one of history’s most well known events every time you sip your choice of poison. Not for the easily offended! the set includes the mighty Titanic and it’s foe, the Iceberg!