July 12, 2020

Don’t Step In The Poop Game

Family game night will never be the same! Don’t step in the poop game is all about making your way across the turd infested playing mat while blindfolded. Avoid the the most number two’s to become the number one.

Fishing For Floaters Game

Make bath time a real hoot with the fishing for floaters game. Will you sink or swim, using the net to catch the smaller turds might be the best game plan but some floaters are just to big and require the rod to bring the pesky floaters in. Catch the most pieces of shit before your fellow players to win the prestigious turd trophy. Be advised not to seek replacements for game pieces and use actual poo! it’s just not right.

Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

Find out who is the greatest Jedi in the office with stars wars thumb wrestling. Use the force to slay your opponent in true Sith style. Strap your thumb in for no cheating and pick your stage to do battle with the flip book of scenes from a galaxy far far away.

Monopoly Star Wars Edition

Go bankrupt intergalactic style with the Star Wars monopoly set. The pieces are styled on both the light and the dark side including, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan, Darth Maul and Darth Vader. Battle your way around the board taking settlements and cities instead of boring houses and hotels.

NASA Jigsaw Puzzle

The Nasa Jigsaw puzzle Takes you on your own intergalactic mission.This 100 piece puzzle is Made up from the actual archives of Nasa! Solve this puzzle in true astrophysicist style by starting at the darkest side of the moon.

Pimple Popper Game

There is nothing so satisfying as pimple popping and seeing all the yellow puss ooze out! yeah we thought so thats why we found this beauty. Bring back your teenage years and pop some real puss busting pimples without the after blood and big red spots left for everyone to see right on the end of your nose. Believe it or not this is actually a kids game but we know adults would enjoy this just as much.

super Mario chess set

Take on the mighty Bowser with this geekafied chess set. Themed after the greatest Nintendo game ever created. 32 detailed vinyl play pieces and a uv coated board really brings the Italian plumber to life. With a special collectors edition tin it becomes  the perfect gift for any mario nuts in your life.