July 4, 2020

Crash Bandicoot Planter/Desk Tidy

Bring back some gaming memories with the help of a Crash Bandicoot crate plant pot or desk tidier. One of gamings most iconic props comes to life with a handmade 3d crash crate. TNT or Nitro you decide. Perfect gift for that crash crazy gamer.

Gamer Controller Bath Bomb

Take your gaming from the couch to the bath with a gamer bath bomb. Go from being the typical stench ridden gamer, to a citrus smelling gaming god. Drop the gamepad shaped bath bomb into a warm tub of water and “BANG”, beautiful rainbow colours. No excuses pause the game for a while and scrub up!

Gaming Art Poster Print

Improve the feel of your den by adding a gaming art poster print. Featuring the legendary Kratos, the god of war will add a subtle aura to your gaming room. If the god of war is not your thing, no problem there’s other classic titles from Ratchet and Clank, Mortal Kombat, Uncharted and many more. Handmade to the finest quality, perfect for any gaming geeks lair.

Personalised Playstation Tankard

This gametastic tankard is perfect for any boozie gamer. The personalised playstation tankard is handmade to perfection. Crafted from natural tree oak, stainless steel and a copper name plate.

SNES Cartridge Coasters

Add a little nostalgia to your gaming den with the SNES cartridge coasters. Styled on the classic shape of the mighty Nintendo Snes gaming cartridges. Each coaster features an 80’s gaming favourite, with titles like, Mario, Zelda and Super Metroid. The Snes cartridge coasters make a perfect gift for any old school gamer.

Super Mario Can Holder​

The coolest can holder ever! Geek up your drink of choice using the nostalgic plumber warp pipe. Every Mario fan needs one of these. Insulated so your drink can stay cool while you get lost in your Bowser smashing session.