July 12, 2020

80s style phone case

Remember the brick you used to carry around called a mobile? no we don’t either but now you can relive the good old 80s with this 80s styled phone case, simply pop your smart phone in the case and gnarly dude your back in the golden era, like totally tubular man!

A Nice Hot Cup Of Fuckoffee

Wake up and grab a nice hot cup of fuckoffee mercenary style, don’t take no shit in the office and give your co workers a subtle hint while you sip your morning brew. Made from a high quality 11oz ceramic mug its strong, dishwasher and microwave safe, perfect for the busy merc life you live.

Army Man Bottle Opener

Bring back some childhood nostalgia every time you pop open an adult beverage. The army man bottle opener is the perfect weapon of choice for lifting the lid on all your cold bevies. Its heavy enough to pop the top without to much fuss but still a practical size to store away in the kitchen draw. Perfect gift for the action man at home.

Batman Thumb Ring Book Holder

Let the dark knight give you hand (thumb) to hold your book open while you sit back, relax and read with the Batman thumb ring book holder. Handmade to sit snuggly in any size book, it helps keep your favourite novels in tip top condition and keeps the stress away from your fingers, no more aching hands after 20 minutes of reading, Thank you Batman You saved the night again!

bearded ski mask

Fed up with going skiing and getting a cold chin? yeah ain’t we all! so we found just what you need, the beardski prospector will not only keep your chops warm but make you look just like a yeti flying down the slopes to your impending doom no doubt.

beautiful poetry of donald trump

There is a lot more to president Trump than you might realise. Not only is he the best thing to happen to America (sarcasm intended) but he is one of the greatest poets of our time. This book is made from all of Trumps greatest Tweets and speeches, cut and mashed up to give readers an insight into the great man’s innermost thoughts.

Bread Slippers

Now that’s what we call a proper pair of loathers! come home from a hard days work and slip your tired tootsies into a comfy loaf of hovis. Prefer wholegrain? no problem get your loathers in white or brown bread, give the gift of dough to your loved ones it’s the yeast you could do for them.

bulletproof whiskey glass

Ever been shot in the face while sipping a glass whisky? yeah, then unlucky, but if not then make sure you never have to worry with the bulletproof whisky glass your safe from being shot in the chops while on a night out! genuine 0.308 calibre bullet lodged in the side makes it look as though you’ve had one crazy night.

but… your a horse

From internet mischief-maker David Bussell comes, But… You’re a Horse, a collection of pranks, anecdotes and gags that have nothing whatsoever to do with the cover of the book containing them.

Camera Lens Coffee Mug

The camera lens coffee mug is the perfect gift for any photography lover. It’s high quality styling and detail make it look super realistic. With a handy biscuit holder lid, you can snack while taking those snazzy pics of cats, trees and the sunset like a typical camera lover. Not to be mistaken for an actual camera lens, please don’t turn up to an important photo shoot with a coffee mug for a lens, that wouldn’t be very professional!

Coffee drinker spoon

Just a little reminder for those drab Monday mornings. This vintage style spoon is perfect for the avid coffee drinker who struggles to get there engine running in the morning. Handmade and custom stamped it will make the perfect gift for any caffeine addict.

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Now maybe it’s you but we all know someone who has one cup of coffee and within minutes, they are on the throne. The coffee makes me poop mug is exactly the gift for that certain someone. This mug will hold 14oz. of hot laxative, so they’ll be firing out rusty water like no tomorrow! but all joking aside this really is a shite great mug.

Crash Bandicoot Mug

Everyone’s favourite gaming hero is back, but this time in the form of a cool-looking mug. The Crash Bandicoot mug is the perfect gift for any crash crazy super fan. Made to resemble an iconic “crate” from the hit game series, any fan will remember the joy from collecting “wumpa fruit” before belly flopping the crate into smithereens.

Crash Bandicoot Planter/Desk Tidy

Bring back some gaming memories with the help of a Crash Bandicoot crate plant pot or desk tidier. One of gamings most iconic props comes to life with a handmade 3d crash crate. TNT or Nitro you decide. Perfect gift for that crash crazy gamer.

Custom Comic Book Cover

Create your very own superhero adventure with a custom comic book cover. Simply send in some photos of your chosen friends or family, pick your cartoon theme and SHAZAM! your very own comic book cover will be sent via email so you can print, frame and display in your own superhero headquarters.

Darth vader clapper

Use the force to turn the dark side into the light or vice-versa. Clap twice (to turn on) hear Darth Vader speak “The Force is Strong with this one”, Clap twice again (to turn off) and hear Darth Vader speak “You underestimate the power of the dark side”.