August 7, 2020

Cat vs Trump Book

Yes we’ve found a book that shows just how intelligent your cat really is…. compared to the mighty trump anyway.

compare your pussy to the much loved president and see if your furry feline friend has what it takes to make America great again!


cigar holding glass

Now You can Mix 3 of your worst habits all at once. Puff your tobie while sipping on your whiskey with the cigar holding glass. Now you can smoke, drink and play hold em, all at the same time, proper macho multi tasking.

cleaner than shit sanitiser

Make sure your hands are always squeaky clean no matter what germs linger on your filthy paws. Be sure to use extra if you actually do see shit!

Coffee drinker spoon

Just a little reminder for those drab Monday mornings. This vintage style spoon is perfect for the avid coffee drinker who struggles to get there engine running in the morning. Handmade and custom stamped it will make the perfect gift for any caffeine addict.

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Now maybe it’s you but we all know someone who has one cup of coffee and within minutes, they are on the throne. The coffee makes me poop mug is exactly the gift for that certain someone. This mug will hold 14oz. of hot laxative, so they’ll be firing out rusty water like no tomorrow! but all joking aside this really is a shite great mug.

Crash Bandicoot Planter/Desk Tidy

Bring back some gaming memories with the help of a Crash Bandicoot crate plant pot or desk tidier. One of gamings most iconic props comes to life with a handmade 3d crash crate. TNT or Nitro you decide. Perfect gift for that crash crazy gamer.

Death Star Ice Cube Molds

Get the ultimate chill straight from the dark side. Inspired to look just like the imperial Death Star these molds will really add a little force to your whiskey. If you like a frozen treat, use the molds to create little Death Star ice cream balls. Made from food safe silicone, they are also oven and dishwasher safe.

Death Wish Coffee

Are you a zombie in the morning? Death wish coffee is strong enough to wake the dead. With it’s rich and full taste even the most hardened caffeine addict will appreciate the power this coffee possesses. If you want to stay up for a week straight and feel like your heart is going to explode this is the coffee for you. Be advised 1 scoop is all you need. If your looking for a gift that a coffee junkie will love  then you’ve found it.

deep sleep pillow spray

Struggling to sleep at night, tossing and turning? well we found just what you need, just spray a few times on your pillow and you’ll be in for the best nights sleep you’ve ever had and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to rock.

delorean desk lamp

Marty Mcfly called he wants his lamp back! take your room back to the future with the Delorean desk lamp. Handmade to resemble one of the most famous vehicles ever to feature in a movie, bring out your inner sci-fi fetish every time you switch the light on.

Die Hard Christmas Gift Set

Nothing says Christmas like a gift set based on the greatest festive movie ever. With a shirtless, shot up and bandaged John Mclane soft toy and the book to match its perfect for any Die Hard fan. Yippee kay ay.

dinosaur lunch box

I would go back to school just so I could have this lunchbox, this super cool dinosaur lunch box will keep all those lunch time thieves away from your cheese sandwich thats for sure. Doubling up as a toy storage box you can keep all your most prized possessions safe knowing they are in good claws.

Disco Beard Kit

Make your face fur the talk of the party with the disco beard kit. No need for dancing or party tricks just walk in with some disco balls and led lights hanging from your hairy chin. Simply clip in and party the night away. Made with safety in mind, the battery is small enough it won’t get hot and set your face on fire.

DJ cat scratch toy

It’s DJ Felix in the house! Let your feline friend loose on the decks and watch them scratch up some banging tunes.

Donald trump toilet brush

Make your toilet great again! with the help of everyones favourite shit talker you can now clean your skids with his luscious yellow hair and feel great knowing your thunder box has had a real presidential clean!

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

Go for a dump with the Trump toilet paper. Now you can wipe your arse with the face of everyone’s favourite president. Each sheet comes printed with a black and grey portrait of the most controversial man in America. Give him a taste of his own medicine when you wipe your chocolate star fish!