June 3, 2020

donkey kong mug

Straight from kongo bongo, bring a little nostalgia back from everyone’s favourite 90’s game. Stop monkeying around and take a cuppa break with the bongo barrel mug, perfect for the retro gamer in you.

Embarrassing Postal Gift Box

Turn your friends red with embarrassment when they open the door to a postman holding a “Big Ass Dildo” gift box.
April fools at work will never be the same. Send that annoying co-worker a dildo shaped box and watch them blush in front of the office. If your feeling extra devious you could always send one to your nan!

Fake Parking Tickets Prank

Give those Double parked drivers a real scare with the fake parking tickets prank. Do you get fed up with drivers who just park where they like? if so give them a good fright when they return to see a parking ticket stuck to their windscreen. Perfect for pranking an unsuspecting friend and laying in wait for their return, hopefully to witness a lot of bad language and head in hands like gestures.

Faking It Book

Learn how to be seen as a better person without actually improving anything about yourself. This book teaches you the ways of faking it and be seen as a winner, even if you are a total looser in real life.

Fifty Shades Of Bacon Cookbook

Cook up a real erotic and sexual meal using the fifty shades of bacon cookbook. Each page is packed with ball tingling, lip soaking recipes guaranteed to tickle your fancy. The fifty shades of bacon cookbook is perfect for the meat loving, bacon scoffing deviant in your life.

Fishing For Floaters Game

Make bath time a real hoot with the fishing for floaters game. Will you sink or swim, using the net to catch the smaller turds might be the best game plan but some floaters are just to big and require the rod to bring the pesky floaters in. Catch the most pieces of shit before your fellow players to win the prestigious turd trophy. Be advised not to seek replacements for game pieces and use actual poo! it’s just not right.

fruit loop scented candle

Relax in the fragrance of your favourite cereal, with waxed shaped fruit loops in a heavy duty bowl and even including a real spoon, it looks just like a half eaten bowl of tasty fruit loops.

Fucking Diet Scales

Bring a bit of comedy to weighing in day with the Fucking Diet Scales. Is there anyone who actually enjoys dieting? Na didn’t think so, with that in mind the ever witty guys down at FireBox came up with these comical but functional scales to help put a smile to your chubby little cheeks when you hop on for judgement day.

Game Boy Colour Watch

Bring back some real childhood memories whenever you check the time with your Game Boy colour watch. Made with the exact detail of the original 90’s hit handheld games console. The bleeps and monotone sound really make it feel like your playing Pokemon red again. This retro timepiece is a real must for every 90’s gaming fan.

Gamer Controller Bath Bomb

Take your gaming from the couch to the bath with a gamer bath bomb. Go from being the typical stench ridden gamer, to a citrus smelling gaming god. Drop the gamepad shaped bath bomb into a warm tub of water and “BANG”, beautiful rainbow colours. No excuses pause the game for a while and scrub up!

Gaming Art Poster Print

Improve the feel of your den by adding a gaming art poster print. Featuring the legendary Kratos, the god of war will add a subtle aura to your gaming room. If the god of war is not your thing, no problem there’s other classic titles from Ratchet and Clank, Mortal Kombat, Uncharted and many more. Handmade to the finest quality, perfect for any gaming geeks lair.

Ganjam Spreadable Cannabis

Start your day on a high with ganjam spreadable cannabis. Containing real hemp seed oil from the cannabis sativa plant. Don’t worry you won’t actually get high as it contains no THC. Instead it will leave you feeling fresh and lively due to hemp seeds being HIGHLY (no pun intended) nutritious. So you won’t be whacked out from your morning toast but Instead it will actually have the adverse affect of a fat spliff, but all hemp is good hemp right.

Geek’s guide to dating

Do you struggle finding romance sat in your gaming chair 18 hours a day? or is there a certain geeky babe you’ve got your eye on but just not sure on the right words to say? then bingo your single mundane life is over! just read this book and you’ll become the king/queen of the geeky dating world. Trust us there will be love pixels flying everywhere!

Genie lamp E-Cigarette

You ain’t never had a vape like me! The vape of a prince is now available and is perfect for any Disney movie lover trying to kick the dirty habit. Imported directly from Agrabah market with 3 flavours including, Jasmine: light, floral, unrealistically long ponytail, Sultan(a): sweet, full-bodied, a little bit pompous, Jafar Cake: notes of citrus, chocolate, and evil psychopath. Powered by genie magic, whoever invented this piece of vaping gold is a real genie-us.

gentleman’s ball scratcher

Stand there and itch your nuts without this your a heathen, stand and scratch using the gentlemen’s ball scratcher and you are seen as a man of class and style. It works we’ve tried it.

Gentlemen’s Willy Care Kit

Keep your man hood looking neat and tidy ready for that all important night… on your own most likely! Give it a little fluff and a trim with the styling shears before you bling it up with some fancy evening wear all included in the handy little box. Keep your johnson looking the part, you never know when you might hook a catch!