May 25, 2020

glow in the dark hair dye

Stand out at the party with a glowing Main of brightly coloured glow in the dark hair. Ammonia free and vegan friendly also lasts up to 6 weeks so no commitment to upkeep needed, just what we all like.

Glow In The Dark Pebbles

Light up the path to your humble abode with some glow in the dark pebbles. Turn your pathway into a neon light show and wow visitors as they make their way up the ambient green or blue path, making them feel as though they are tripping on some funky mushrooms!

Glow In The Dark Tirecockz

Possibly the greatest gag gift ever. The glow in the dark Tirecockz simply screw on your tires air valve, giving you a wonderfully erect ambient glow. Perfect gift for the prick who can’t drive, give them the subtle hint. The mini penis size is 0.5″ shaft with 1.625″ length with 0.625″ balls, not sure what that size looks like get a tape measure out and have a comparison, if you get what we mean.

Go The Fuck To Sleep Book

Go the fuck to sleep book is made for all those parents who are too tired and just want the damn kids to SLEEP! We have all had it; the kids are hyped up; we are knackered, kids won’t go to sleep, all we say is please pleaseeee go to sleep already. So if you need a little help to get the darlings to rest at night break out the Go The Fuck To Sleep book.

gold glitter lipstick tattoo

Give your lips a golden look, stand out from the crowd with the help of the golden lips temporary tattoo. lasting up to 8 hours there sure to give your kissing equipment a real Midas touch.

Gordon Ramsay Colouring Book

Colour between the lines you fucking idiot sandwich! now you can relive some of Gordon Ramsay’s most famous quotes with the Gordon Ramsay colouring book. Now it goes without saying, this is an adult colouring book due to the Ramsay style foul mouthed insults.

Gun Shaped Egg Fryer

Cook up a high calibre brekkie with the gun shaped egg fryer. Do you have to cook breakfast for a bunch of outlaws each morning? if so these are perfect for the cowboys and rebels at your breakfast table.

Guzzle buddy

Never pour a refill again! the guzzle buddy is perfect for the inner alcoholic in you just pop the cork on your favourite vino insert the guzzle buddy and chug till you can’t stand.

Hairbrush Flask

The ultimate prop to sneak your liquor into any club, festival, restaurant or parents evening! cleverly designed in the shape of a hairbrush you’ll be able to fool any security trying to put a downer on your boozing. Get yourself a hairbrush flask and never pay those extortionate festival prices again.

Harry Potter chapter coasters

Read your favourite chapter from Harry Potter every time you place your butter beer down. Handmade and backed with cork they are a perfect gift for anyone who’s harry potty.

herb cook book

Munchies? no problem cook up more then just a few brownies, with this cook book you will learn to cook up some of the best hash dishes you could ever think off.

hide a beer can cover

Get past those pesky security guards with all your beers in possession using a nifty little beer can cover, simply slide the cover over your hoppy beverage and it will look just as though your sipping away at a nice can of Coca Cola. Perfect for a little tipple on the school run or at work.

hot chocolate bombes

Powdered hot chocolate is so old school, just drop a bomb into your hot milk and BOOM you’ve got a chocolatey taste sensation. Filled with little tasty marshmallow pillows it makes the perfect hot chocolate every time. NOT SUITABLE FOR THE BATH!!!

how to live with a huge penis

I wrote this book…… na only kidding but have you ever wondered if a giant genitalia is a blessing or a curse? well this book will open your eye to a whole new way of dealing with what the good lord gave ya.

How To Traumatise Your Children Book

Really want to get the most out of your time as a parent? then this book will give you all the tips you need to create that perfect  little monster, or just screw them up completely so there life is a train wreck that they only have you to thank for! sound good? don’t worry we won’t call child line!

Hulk Spoon

You won’t like me when I’m hangryyyyyy! the perfect spoon for the hulk in your life who gets angry when they need feeding (my wife). Handmade and laser engraved this spoon will make a great addition to any marvel fans cutlery draw.