August 7, 2020

Trump Scented Candle

Make America smell great again! bring the smell of the greatest president of all time to your home, combined with all the classiest smells a billionaire playboy president could possibly smell like and sporting a luscious gold mane of hair for added Trumpness this really is the greatest candle in history of candles!

Vegan Wanker Mug

Now I know for a fact we all know one of these “people” you know the one’s were talking about, the people who bang on about how bad eating a cow is and how good a bit of lettuce taste! yeah those kind of people, well this is the perfect gift for them.

wand makeup brush set

Use some wizardry to turn that muggle face into spellbinding beauty with the help of these wand makeup brushes. With 5 fancy brushes you can go from 0 to beautiful with the flick of your wrist. Inspired by the enchanting film series Harry Potter, they are a perfect gift for any Harry lovers make up draw.


Wanky After Sex Towel

There is nothing worse than finishing the “deed” or doing the old, quick pullout to avoid multiplying the family, if you get what I mean! The wanky wipe is just what you need to help you get through those frustrating and sometimes embarrassing moments. Perfect for keeping in the top draw and whipping out at the moment of euphoria! But we advise you wash it before just chucking it back in the draw for next time. The wanky wipe makes a great alternative too wiping it on the curtains!

Waterproof Socks

Go hiking up a mountain or trekking across a river in nothing but your waterproof socks. Made up from 3 different materials a wear resistant knit exterior (feels like a regular sock), a waterproof breathable Artex membrane, and a Coolmax FX moisture wicking anti-bacterior lining. All 3 combined make for a sock but with all the characteristics of a full on hiking bootie.

whisker dam beer guard

It’s like an umbrella for your face! the whisker dam keeps your beard from getting all damp and foamy so you can enjoy a nice cold pint without having to worry about messing up your facial pubes.

You are a badass book

Say it with me, “you are a badass” now that felt good right? thought so. life’s too short to put yourself down or worry about insignificant things life throws at us so to help your realise your true potential this book is all you need to get you back on track to greatness and live an epic life. This book contains the odd swear word hear and there but hey what’s a life with no swearing “shit” that’s what!

Zelda map underwear

Perfect for those half naked lazy Sunday gaming sessions. Sit back and game your day away in the comfort of some retro Zelda pantie, made from nylon and spandex you won’t have to worry about pausing the game to sort the annoying wedgie that keeps riding up.