July 5, 2020

dinosaur lunch box

I would go back to school just so I could have this lunchbox, this super cool dinosaur lunch box will keep all those lunch time thieves away from your cheese sandwich thats for sure. Doubling up as a toy storage box you can keep all your most prized possessions safe knowing they are in good claws.

Fishing For Floaters Game

Make bath time a real hoot with the fishing for floaters game. Will you sink or swim, using the net to catch the smaller turds might be the best game plan but some floaters are just to big and require the rod to bring the pesky floaters in. Catch the most pieces of shit before your fellow players to win the prestigious turd trophy. Be advised not to seek replacements for game pieces and use actual poo! it’s just not right.

Fortnite Super Soaker

Fed up with your kids sat indoors shooting pixelated rocket launchers? if so just hand them this Fortnight super soaker and tell them to get outside and play just like the good old days. Based on the video game Fortnite this ultimate super soaker looks the real deal, perfect weapon to soak all the pesky neighbourhood kids.

Game Boy Colour Watch

Bring back some real childhood memories whenever you check the time with your Game Boy colour watch. Made with the exact detail of the original 90’s hit handheld games console. The bleeps and monotone sound really make it feel like your playing Pokemon red again. This retro timepiece is a real must for every 90’s gaming fan.

Harry Potter chapter coasters

Read your favourite chapter from Harry Potter every time you place your butter beer down. Handmade and backed with cork they are a perfect gift for anyone who’s harry potty.

hot chocolate bombes

Powdered hot chocolate is so old school, just drop a bomb into your hot milk and BOOM you’ve got a chocolatey taste sensation. Filled with little tasty marshmallow pillows it makes the perfect hot chocolate every time. NOT SUITABLE FOR THE BATH!!!

Kids Helicopter Bed

Take bedtime to the next level with a life like helicopter bed. Handcrafted with awesome attention to detail so no two beds are the same. This Unique bed even comes with a personalised dashboard. Boasting a speed dial, joystick, clock radio and even two USB ports.

Nerf Sniper Rifle

Shoot your annoying sibling from a far with the ultra cool NERF sniper rifle. This toy makes every adult wish they were kids again, but hey why not get one even though you are meant to be older, wiser and mature. Adults and kids alike will be shooting foam bullets and causing havoc.

Pimple Popper Game

There is nothing so satisfying as pimple popping and seeing all the yellow puss ooze out! yeah we thought so thats why we found this beauty. Bring back your teenage years and pop some real puss busting pimples without the after blood and big red spots left for everyone to see right on the end of your nose. Believe it or not this is actually a kids game but we know adults would enjoy this just as much.

Toilet Paper Blaster Rifle

A sheet Storm is coming! the toilet paper blaster is every young kids and adults dream. Arm yourself with mums finest quality bog roll and let loose on all of your neighbours and friends. Blasting up to nearly 30m you’ll have everyone saying holy sheet! and it’s even hygienic with the use of water instead of using a dose of gobby saliva to teepee everything in site.