July 12, 2020

24k Gold Marshmallows

Indulge yourself in some 24K gold marshmallows, Silky smooth Strawberry Marshmallows infused with Domaine Chandon® étoile Champagne with added chocolate swirls to really get your taste buds tingling. Unveil these at your dinner party and your sure to impress.

6 pack bicycle beer holder

No need to drink and drive when you can carry your booze as you cycle, with the bicycle beer holder you can Carry up to 6 of your favourite alcoholic beverages, so you can get hammered as you make your way to work on those horrible Monday mornings.

Ass Blaster hot Sauce

Does what it says on to bottle! do you think your good with hot and spicy condiments? well then you haven’t tried the ass blaster. Made from the hottest Habanero peppers and with a couple “extra” little herbs added we advice you to keep plenty of water to hand and a toilet roll In the fridge!

Bacon Bandages

Cover up that paper cut with a greasy rasher of bacon, yes you read that right, someone has actually invented Bacon Bandages (what the fuck). If your a bit of a goof when chopping up vegetables, then I bet your familiar with using plain old looking plasters, Now you can spice it up a little and slap a bit of streaky bacon over your lacerated fingers and just watch the reactions when people have to look twice.

banter cards

Not for the easily offended! there is a rude and witty card for every occasion you can think of from birthdays to baby’s and engagement to divorce, your sure to find the perfect card to get your message across. You’ll love the look on the recipients face when they read there crude and funny gift.

Battleshits Board Game

The classic game with a shitty twist, everyone know’s the old school classic Battleships board game but now there’s a new turd on the block. Drop your logs and see if you can flush out your partners stools.

bbq tool box

Get the burgers on the go anytime anywhere, you’ll be the king of the picnic if you rock up with a bbq toolbox. With main grill, warming grill and storage area you have all you need to cook up a killer bbq.

bearded ski mask

Fed up with going skiing and getting a cold chin? yeah ain’t we all! so we found just what you need, the beardski prospector will not only keep your chops warm but make you look just like a yeti flying down the slopes to your impending doom no doubt.

beautiful poetry of donald trump

There is a lot more to president Trump than you might realise. Not only is he the best thing to happen to America (sarcasm intended) but he is one of the greatest poets of our time. This book is made from all of Trumps greatest Tweets and speeches, cut and mashed up to give readers an insight into the great man’s innermost thoughts.

Boeing 727 Hotel Room

This Boeing 727 Hotel Room has to be one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. The 727 was salvaged from its San Jose resting place and transported to the jungles of Manuel Antonio. The air liner was resurrected into a beautiful and brilliant hotel perched on a 50ft pedestal. A perfect view of the surrounding ocean and jungle, this stay will live long in the memory.

boob scarf

Theres nothing like a pair of DD’s wrapped round your neck to keep you warm in the winter! this boob scarf is handmade and even comes with the option of adding a piercing for extra effect. Go au naturel and let it all hang out.

Bread Slippers

Now that’s what we call a proper pair of loathers! come home from a hard days work and slip your tired tootsies into a comfy loaf of hovis. Prefer wholegrain? no problem get your loathers in white or brown bread, give the gift of dough to your loved ones it’s the yeast you could do for them.

bulletproof whiskey glass

Ever been shot in the face while sipping a glass whisky? yeah, then unlucky, but if not then make sure you never have to worry with the bulletproof whisky glass your safe from being shot in the chops while on a night out! genuine 0.308 calibre bullet lodged in the side makes it look as though you’ve had one crazy night.

Business Cat Tie

Keep your pussy looking professional with the business cat tie. Your feline friend always needs to be looking the part whether it’s a job interview, vets appointment or an audition for the new Felix advert. From alley cat to business cat, your little bundle of fleas will stand out among the strays.

but… your a horse

From internet mischief-maker David Bussell comes, But… You’re a Horse, a collection of pranks, anecdotes and gags that have nothing whatsoever to do with the cover of the book containing them.

Carpet Alarm Clock

Never hit the snooze button again! how many times have you pressed the snooze button only to wake up with about 10 minutes to get ready, eat breakfast and leave the house? if your anything like me then its most mornings! well we have found the perfect invention, the carpet alarm clock, you have to actually get up and stand on the mat to get the alarm to stop, so while your up hey you might as well get up!