July 12, 2020

Bacon Bandages

Cover up that paper cut with a greasy rasher of bacon, yes you read that right, someone has actually invented Bacon Bandages (what the fuck). If your a bit of a goof when chopping up vegetables, then I bet your familiar with using plain old looking plasters, Now you can spice it up a little and slap a bit of streaky bacon over your lacerated fingers and just watch the reactions when people have to look twice.

Business Cat Tie

Keep your pussy looking professional with the business cat tie. Your feline friend always needs to be looking the part whether it’s a job interview, vets appointment or an audition for the new Felix advert. From alley cat to business cat, your little bundle of fleas will stand out among the strays.

Disco Beard Kit

Make your face fur the talk of the party with the disco beard kit. No need for dancing or party tricks just walk in with some disco balls and led lights hanging from your hairy chin. Simply clip in and party the night away. Made with safety in mind, the battery is small enough it won’t get hot and set your face on fire.

Inflatable T-Rex Costume

Take non-uniform day to the extreme with the inflatable T-Rex costume. Cause havoc on the streets at Halloween masquerading around Jurassic Park style.Available In adults and child sizes so you can team up with your little terror and hunt candy as a pack.

mens penis dress up sets

Need a little something extra in the bedroom? dress your man hood up in some of the most comical, erotic lingerie ever created. From Superman to Donald Trump, Spiderman to Rudolph the reindeer, there is sure to be something to get you and your lovers juices flowing. One size fits all!

Mickey Mouse Oven Gloves

Add a touch of Disney magic in the kitchen with the Mickey Mouse oven gloves. Made from heat proof silicon and a non-slip grip, so you can safely handle your hot pans and trays. These oven gloves will make the perfect gift for any Disney lover, whether they can cook or not!

Sock Your Pet Personalised Socks

Are you the real crazy cat lady? or just mad about your four legged friends, if so the Sock your pet personalised socks are just what you need in your sock collection. Simply upload your favourite pets photo or anyone else’s pet for that matter. Then your cuddly little friends face will be printed all across these soft and cosy socks. But choose wisely for there can be only one pet face printed, you don’t wanna cause a pet domestic.

Star Wars AT-AT Dog Costume

Turn your Pooch into a walking attack machine with the Star Wars AT-AT dog costume. This ultra geek costume is perfect if you want to take your four legged friend to your local cosplay. Available in different sizes so you can guarantee a fit for any size dog or wookie.

Waterproof Socks

Go hiking up a mountain or trekking across a river in nothing but your waterproof socks. Made up from 3 different materials a wear resistant knit exterior (feels like a regular sock), a waterproof breathable Artex membrane, and a Coolmax FX moisture wicking anti-bacterior lining. All 3 combined make for a sock but with all the characteristics of a full on hiking bootie.