July 12, 2020

101 Dalmatians Lamp

Send a little Disney magic round the room whenever you switch on your 101 Dalmatians lamp. The adorable lamp is powered by usb and only requires a gentle pet on the head to illuminate and put a gleeful smile on your face. The perfect gift for any Disney fan or Dalmatian lover.

101 Places To Get Fucked Up Before You Die

If your bucket list involves travelling the world partying and getting fucked up then you need this book. A unique guide to all the best locations perfect for getting wrecked and making some crazy memories. Featuring destinations you’ve never heard of or even imagined could be a frantic party scene. If your traveling alone or in a group its guaranteed to be the greatest, craziest, alcohol fuelled trip ever!

24k Gold Marshmallows

Indulge yourself in some 24K gold marshmallows, Silky smooth Strawberry Marshmallows infused with Domaine Chandon® étoile Champagne with added chocolate swirls to really get your taste buds tingling. Unveil these at your dinner party and your sure to impress.

6 pack bicycle beer holder

No need to drink and drive when you can carry your booze as you cycle, with the bicycle beer holder you can Carry up to 6 of your favourite alcoholic beverages, so you can get hammered as you make your way to work on those horrible Monday mornings.

80s style phone case

Remember the brick you used to carry around called a mobile? no we don’t either but now you can relive the good old 80s with this 80s styled phone case, simply pop your smart phone in the case and gnarly dude your back in the golden era, like totally tubular man!

A Nice Hot Cup Of Fuckoffee

Wake up and grab a nice hot cup of fuckoffee mercenary style, don’t take no shit in the office and give your co workers a subtle hint while you sip your morning brew. Made from a high quality 11oz ceramic mug its strong, dishwasher and microwave safe, perfect for the busy merc life you live.

Ass Blaster hot Sauce

Does what it says on to bottle! do you think your good with hot and spicy condiments? well then you haven’t tried the ass blaster. Made from the hottest Habanero peppers and with a couple “extra” little herbs added we advice you to keep plenty of water to hand and a toilet roll In the fridge!

banter cards

Not for the easily offended! there is a rude and witty card for every occasion you can think of from birthdays to baby’s and engagement to divorce, your sure to find the perfect card to get your message across. You’ll love the look on the recipients face when they read there crude and funny gift.

Batman Decanter

Take a quick shot of your favourite spirit straight from the dark knight’s head! The Batman decanter is the perfect gift for a comic book lover’s liquor cabinet. Enjoy a little dark knight cap after a long day fighting crime. Holding 750ml of your best liquor. Sit back, relax and get merry with everyones favourite detective.

Batman Thumb Ring Book Holder

Let the dark knight give you hand (thumb) to hold your book open while you sit back, relax and read with the Batman thumb ring book holder. Handmade to sit snuggly in any size book, it helps keep your favourite novels in tip top condition and keeps the stress away from your fingers, no more aching hands after 20 minutes of reading, Thank you Batman You saved the night again!

bbq tool box

Get the burgers on the go anytime anywhere, you’ll be the king of the picnic if you rock up with a bbq toolbox. With main grill, warming grill and storage area you have all you need to cook up a killer bbq.

bearded ski mask

Fed up with going skiing and getting a cold chin? yeah ain’t we all! so we found just what you need, the beardski prospector will not only keep your chops warm but make you look just like a yeti flying down the slopes to your impending doom no doubt.

beautiful poetry of donald trump

There is a lot more to president Trump than you might realise. Not only is he the best thing to happen to America (sarcasm intended) but he is one of the greatest poets of our time. This book is made from all of Trumps greatest Tweets and speeches, cut and mashed up to give readers an insight into the great man’s innermost thoughts.

Beer Flavoured Chocolate

Take Your chocolate addiction, add it to your alcohol addiction and what have you got? Well apart from a lot of health problems and high blood pressure! you would probably love an all in one replacement. Beer chocolate is the answer, with a slight kick of Irish stout, a Belgium milk chocolate body and a scrumptious white chocolate head, it’s sure to get every beer drinking, choco loving monster licking their lips.

Bigmouth Wine Bottle Glass

Why keep topping up when you can just chug the whole bottle? The Bigmouth wine glass will hold a 75cl bottle of your favourite vino so you can speed up the process of slurred words and unwanted dance moves. Pour a wine of your choice into the bigmouth bottle glass and your set to just sip until your “merry” or “rat-arsed” whichever comes first.

boob scarf

Theres nothing like a pair of DD’s wrapped round your neck to keep you warm in the winter! this boob scarf is handmade and even comes with the option of adding a piercing for extra effect. Go au naturel and let it all hang out.